Social Security Care Givers Act 2009

To All Members of our Government: As you are the elected few to speak on behalf of THE PEOPLE we ask that you to listen to the will of THE PEOPLE. We feel that you, as our represenatives,were derelict in your jobs when the Social Security Act of 2009 came before you. It seems to be the most sensible act proposed since our fore-fathers wrote our constitution. The Act that would allow an individual to collect up to five years of their own Social Security Benefits to care for a sick, dieing, or just mobility handicapped family member is both needed and overdue.                                          

                                                                                                                           The right of liberty to life of many U.S. Citizens is currently being denied. Simply because they are forced into nursing or rehab facilities because they need 24 hour help in getting life sustaining medications, walking too and from the bathroom, kitchen, living room or a stroll outdoors. They need help getting up after sitting for awhile enjoying tv or watching the kids pay outside a window. Forced where they are allowed a bed, perhaps even a chair and few personal possessions. Convicts get this plus a rec room, exersise equipment, freedom to stand up and move around their cells as often as they want.                                                                                           

                                                                                                              Furthermore our seniors needing the above help, as well as anyone with an illness or injury affecting their mobility to feed and dress themselves, are being denied their right to the happiness of living in their own homes for as long as medically possible. Denied because a family member cannot afford to quit their job to care for them. Instead they are given the minimum care from paid strangers in institutions with too few workers. Caregivers who don't have the time to read a letter or book, listen to a joke or a story about anything the patient would like to say or do. They don't care because the institution has too many patients (not individuals with feelings and need of human contact) and not enough workers.                                                          

                                                                                                                      Since the Social Security Care Giver Act  of 2009 reads that a physicians letter of necessity is needed to qualify to collect our own Social Security Benifits for up to five years there is little chance of fraud in receiving the Social Security Benifit. We the undersigned cannot see why this much needed act has been stalled for two going on three years. As our spokespersons, we ask for an immediate yes vote. Yes to the right to recieve our own funds. Funds that by no choice of our own, was willingly taken by our government represenatives for the day we the people came in need of them.       

                                                                                                                       We the undersigned are confident that we also represent many others who either haven't heard of the Caregivers Act or have lost faith in our governmant. A government that appears more interested in their own income and their popularity with foreign governments and the welfare of the citizens of those foreign governments than with the welfare of the legal citizens of the United States, your employers. We ask, No we expect, you to pass the Social Security Caregivers Act of 2009 before you break for this year.                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                         As you are readying to vote on this, ask yourself who you want to care for you in your final years or months? A family member who loves, respects and wants to be with you or a stranger whose being paid to be nice to you? A stranger that may not even speak your language well enough to understand or be understood by you. Who will not care for you in your home on a twentyfour hour basis for however long it takes you to die.


Thank you, your employers



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