Petition to Repeal Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law is a moral and legal outrage! This unbelievable law permits anyone, anywhere and at anytime to use lethal force against another individual with only the ground that they felt 'threatened'. Already tragedies have occurred because of this outrageous law. If something is not done Florida could become a battlefield, and other states could follow with similar laws.

Read below two instances in which this law has already resulted in tragic failures of justice and then please sign this petition to have this monstrosity removed.

This law is in essence a 'License to Kill'. We need your help in having it removed. Please sign now.



  • todd morris there are too many sick pricks with guns shooting innocent children raping dogs killing and burning cats these people don't need such a law with unhinged sickos roaming around

  • Grover Pankey Devil's Law!

  • Suresh Sikharam To the judges in this god forbidden state please come to your senses. How many lives have to be lost before you idiots wake up. I use these strong words towards you because you are the culprits to perpetuate these criminal activities by providing a means for reckless individuals to take shelter under your provisions. Please wake up and do one thing right in your lives. Stop this madness. I just read the article where this idiot from Hudson shot a 2 year old dog and attempted to quote the same stupid law. If your birth is right this letter should spark something in you. If it doesn't then the people of Florida lost by electing you to the covetous seats you are sitting in and don't deserve to be there. Write me a word as I want to see what you have in mind that is anywhere justifiable. In my view people who use a weapon are illiterate people as they don't have the manliness that a true man possessess to conduct a difficult conversation without using deadly weapon. Only people, who in my view for lack of better word "pussies" hide behind a gun and they think they are powerful. NO a true man who wins an argument with words is THE most powerful man/woman on the planet. You idiots perhaps will understand it at some point in your lives. Again "Shame on you" for not taking the right action. You all (Judges and Legislators) collectively seems to be a weaker bunch as you don't have the balls to repeal such a simple and stupid law. What good are you? I want you to ask yourselves this same question while looking at yourself in the mirror.

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