No Fujitsu Pay Freeze 2009

We believe the decision to cancel the 1st April 2009 pay review for Fujitsu Services employees is unjustified. The company has provided no evidence that it is genuinely struggling, or that a pay freeze would help. We call on the company to implement the pay review now. [Please note: You have the facility to be listed as "Anonymous" on the list of signatures if you wish, but this will have less impact on the company, so it would be more effective if you don't tick this box]


This petition has been initiated by UNITE - The Union, the largest union in the UK and in Fujitsu Services. For more information, see The petition is also supported by the PCS union. Fore more information see


UNITE @ Fujitsu: PCS @ Fujitsu: UNITE on CafeVIK: UNITE Fujitsu news: Join UNITE: PCS web site:


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    MattR, Europe

    5 years ago Base location code (e.g. HOM99): Was WAK01
    Comments: LOL - it makes me so glad I resigned from this shabby company. Already they pay new starters under the national average for IT Service employees - never mind you poor sods who have been there years and earn even less than them ! My advice: Jump ship, quickly - especially those of you in support. The IT industry is picking up reruitment wise and you should be able to land a better, higher paid job if you don't mind relocating for it. I can't believe some Service Managers are on less than 18k per annum - we pay the cleaners more than that here !
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    Fujitsu Employee, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Base location code (e.g. HOM99): hom99
    Comments: well having been through the restructure and taken VR have to say glad to be going terms jobs for the boys have the evidence and will be emailing HR who needs friends when you have managers like that !!!
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    j, United States

    6 years ago Base location code (e.g. HOM99): 253
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