Downhammer: The unreliable EU WoW Realm

Hello fellow Doomhammer players, for the past year I'm sure everyone online has experienced some sort of issue or suffered the server being down, with no excuse or reason being provided by the techies at Blizzard, worse of all the fixes that have been applied have yet to show a solution to Doomhammer's growing problems. So with Doomhammer showing obvious signs of its age, being one of the oldest realms, why is it that we have not received the attention we so desperately need Where are the server transfer offers Why is it other realms do not suffer the same issues Where are the promises of fresher servers for the expansion that we have had so little time to play So lets get some answers blizzard, the people of Doomhammer want the service they are paying for you to provide!


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    Jonas Eriksson, Sweden

    8 years ago
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    Carson, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Hi Im new in Doomhammer and I have been hearing a lot of the more expeirenced players on the server say they just wish they could transfer accounts to a newer realm. So blizzard help them out please and if you help you just might make doomhammer a new server again for us new guys. doomhammew wow name- "Rulerofall" Thanks for your time and I hope Blizzard reads this!
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    Neriah, United States

    8 years ago
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