Fix EQ Next Combat

Anyone who saw the reveal for Everquest Next on August 2 was treated to a debacle: the combat is a hyper-animated, button-mashing, particle-effect splattered, GW2/DA2 clone. It has no place in a decent videogame and no place in Everquest. It is not too late. Sign this petition to tell SOE to dial it back and create a sophisticated and strategic combat system.


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    Simon Belmont, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Stephen Metcalfe, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: soe cunts
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    Dylan McGuire, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Whole heartedly agree that the direction the game is taking the skill and combat system is a step in the wrong direction, games have tried to branch away from the holy trinity and many hot bars, and have stagnated and become boring because there is no skill required to play the game, GW2 is the best example of this, it sold well over 2 million copys, but barely maintains a few hundred thousand players every month, this is because the game became stale after everyone realized there was no mastery of the skill system or your class, once you had the abilities you were stuck with them forever, and using them over and over became boring, and then doing dungeons with nothing but DPS became mind numbing. Please don't let EQN die by the hands of this system, bring back the tried and true system of the holy trinity and hot bars, and revolutionize gaming through the sandbox features your game will have!
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