Petition to get Gregg Ryan fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello This petition is made to let Gregg Ryan pay for his stupidness that problably cost the US national women team the final of the world cup 2007 or even the world cup! He's stupid move to replace world's best goalkeeper Hope Solo for 36 year old Brianna Scurry who had not played a single game since June 2007 cost the team go down with 4-0. Hope was playing a briliant tournament and has here three last games without let one single goal in! Of the 4 goals Brazil made against the states in semi final at least 2 are the fault of Briana Scurry! THat's why we need to get Gregg Ryan Fired and choose a new beter coach for the american national women team!


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    Ann C. Brown, United States

    7 years ago Comments: A bonehead move that disrupted the entire flow of the US team. Hope solo was brilliant and effective. You go with the people that got you there. He needs his head examined.
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    Shelby, United States

    7 years ago Comments: It's been said before but bears repeating: The most DEAD ON thing Hope said was that it is not 2004 anymore. Lilly and Scurry need to go. I am sickened by Wambach's sucking up to Lilly and wanting to give her a good send off. What She has had her success and glory. She did NOTHING in this Cup. The best player in the world is 21 years old and plays for Brazil. They have a ton of young players. Ours, including Hope, need to be on the pitch, not the bench. Ryan is a weak coach, and before he had Hope as a scapegoat, he had Laurie Osborne. After the Brazil game, he was asked if his (stupid) change of keepers affected the outcome of the game. No, no, he says, it is so tough when you start off with an own goal. Everything went downhill from there, he says. And, oh, that Marta is so brilliant. That's good, Ryan, throw your own player under the bus for your lame mistake. Then, allow another player, whose heart was broken, to be ostracized by the old, shriveled, decrepit 'leader', as Lilly is called. What a joke. I guess the spirit of Chinese repression and censorship and a communist herd mentality seeped into the American camp. Someone said all the players jumped on the Ryan bandwagon to keep their spots for the Olympics. Yep, when one stray sheep is culled from the herd, the herd turns on it. And boy, did that ever happen. If that team had a true 'leader', they would have stood solidly behind Hope and against Ryan and he would have been the scapegoat, not a young player. If he had just, from the beginning, in the aftermath of the Brazil debacle, accepted blame and said he had made a bad decision and put Bri and Hope in bad situations, then, THEN, I think all this controversy would have been avoided. The girls would then have all rallied around him in support and it all would have been better. Hopefully they are rallying around Shannon Boxx who was wrongfully and horribly DQd. That ref should never call another international match, and neither should the assistants on that side of the field. And shame on the Brazilian player (Daniella) who got tangled up with Boxx and celebrated her sending off, knowing full well there had been no foul. How I wish the Aussie ref from the Final had called the US-Brazil game. She didn't fall for the Brazilian histrionics and diving. I HATE that kind of soccer. It is not usually seen in the women's game. Boy did we see it on Thursday. Disgusting. Disgusting that Ryan didn't give us a fighting chance to beat them. I am sick about all this and if US Soccer doesn't get rid of Greg Ryan, and if Hope isn't back in the nets for the next match, I will no longer be a fan of this team. Goodbye Lil, it's been great, time for you and Bri to ride into the sunset.
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    Deborah, United States

    7 years ago Comments: greg ryan is a coward!
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