Billy Packer: A Disgrace to Unbiased Broadcasting

We the people request that CBS Sports, a legitimate broadcaster of professional and collegiate sports, in the interest of preserving unbiased, professional commentating, remove Billy Packer from broadcasting NCAA Men's Basketball games. Although his resume includes several awards he received over 10 years ago, in his lengthy tenure, Packer has grown so aloof that he disregards his duties as a broadcaster, most especially the responsibility to remain professional and unbiased in broadcasts. Packer made remarks that have tarnished his reputation and indirectly, the integrity of the broadcasts in which he has participated. Beyond his outwardly unbiased expression of personal opinions, he has also offended society through derragatory racial (Allen Iverson a "tough monkey" according to Packer) and gender comments (suggesting women are not fit to check press passes and tickets to men's games). In an effort to secure the integrity of our beloved sports and to preserve something called fair and balanced media, we ask that Billy Packer be removed from the CBS broadcasting staff, especially the UNC vs. Duke rivalry games, for which his blatant favoratism is not hidden in the slightest.


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    B. Jason Bowers, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Whenever there is a game on that Packer is working I always watch the TV with the "mute" on. I'm not looking forward to another basketball season with Mr. Packer. I'm an ACC fan and I'm ashamed of the way Mr. Packer handles the commentary during the games. BJB
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    Samantha James, United States

    8 years ago
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    Judy Bernatowicz, United States

    8 years ago Comments: This man should not be allowed to be a broadcaster for NCAA Basketball games. He does not show fairness and is such a North Carolina hater it is not even conceivable how he has been allowed to do the games. I am a Wake Forrest fan but this man has no business doing a job that is suppose to show equality to all teams. We are watching the game not his persoal feelings toward any one team. If he is a broadcaster of the NCAA games this year I will never watch CBS again as with the rest of my family and friends.
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