Fire Pat O'Brien

Dear Don Martin, We the undersigned are petitioning to get Pat O'Brien off of the air. He is a complete black hole. He sucks the life out of your station. He is an insecure, thin skinned man who needs constant reaffirmation through old stories about himself to feel relevant. Name dropping is okay, but forcing a name into a story that isn't relevant or interesting is tiresome. By doing this the show becomes extremely monotonous and boring.Look at the way he attacks people on his twitter feed for even slightly criticizing him. Is this how you want your on air "talent" treating your listeners? A lot of us are in our cars most of the day and depend on good programming. Besides, his drivel the show is unimaginative, unoriginal and Lazy. Ask a question and take 3 hours of calls on it......REALLY? I don't know how ratings work, but they are failing this time if they justify him being employed. Have you looked at comments from any article mentioning him? 90% negative. The people I hang out with are your prime demographic. Between 30-50 years old, educated, successful sports' fans. I don't have one friend that still listens to your station between Noon and 3pm. The worst part we forget to change back to your station at 3pm when his narcissistic, insecure, marble mouthed ramblings are over. Thank you for the consideration



  • ron valley please fire this self centered egomaniac. he mispronounces names, doesnt know jack about any sport but lame baseball and his interviews are all over the place.

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