Japanese support for Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 is an online game that was released all over the world. The American, European and Japanese versions were put on the same server so that we could all communicate and enjoy time together. By installing options such as the translator, Square has tried to make communication possible among players who dont speak each others language. But what about those of us that do. For those that speak Japanese you understand that trying to communicate in Japanese using any writing system other than Japanese is both trying and uninteresting. Many Japanese players dont want to group with foreigners because they dont feel like reading romaji for lengthened periods of time. And spelling mistakes are common when trying to write in an unnatural writing system. For those who are familiar with the language and typing it on a computer, the addition of Japanese support would increase the playabilty in international groups for both the Japanese and foreigners. If your computer has the needed support, there is no reason the game itself should not support it as well. I am therefore asking all those who would like to see Japanese language support in the North American and European versions to sign this petition for Square to include Japanese support in the next update or make it available as an option.


This is coming from those players who speak Japanese and would like a more authentic experience when playing with our Japanese friends.


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    Mathieu Wood, United States

    7 years ago Country: US
    Comments: if SE allows japanese client players to type in kana and roman alphabet, why can't i be treated the same it is completely unfair.
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    Liam Annoyed, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Country: GB
    Comments: I mean You feel like you can't talk with people properly in parties. It's really unfair. The auto-translate feature Isn't nearly enough for bi-lingual players ="(
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    Mike Knight, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Country: GB
    Comments: I don't like Windower but for now I feel forced to use it. It's a shame because I don't really want to support Windower... I still play in fullscreen and use it for nothing other than the IME plugin. Sure, you might be able to play with people that have "{Sorry}{I don't speak any English.}", but you can't really chat or make friends with them. And then there's the "{English}{No thanks.}" people... it's much better when you can actually speak their language. :)
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