One man\'s fight for Justice

A life gone wrong. Convicted murderer, painter, poet and spiritual practitioner Japaljarri Tara Takoda in search search for truth, justice and personal redemption.




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    Josinete, United States

    2 years ago State: South Carolina
    Country: Suriname
    Comments: Basically they are the quotations from vaorius documents, but considering he had drawn Ulleundo map with Usando east to it in 1834, the next sentence sound weird to me."其西又有于山島亦廣闊"Other things I noticed were;"鬱陵島在本縣正東海中右于山一云武陵一云羽陵一云艼陵""三峯岌嶪聳空""倭人謂之竹島與日本隱岐州相近"" 成宗二年有告別有三峯島者及遣朴宗元往覓之因風濤不得泊而還同行一舡泊鬱陵島"And there is no mention of Usando is Japanese Matsushima.
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    Eric, United States

    2 years ago State: Oklahoma
    Country: Azerbaijan
    Comments: whether gay or straight is irelvreant? Perhaps you didn't get what I meant. It means my reaction will be exactly the same whether she leaves for another man OR woman. I will be sad because she is leaving, not because its gay or straight.Remember our discussion about self-ownership? That is my cause. My cause is that because we as human beings own our own body and mind, therefore we have a right to choose what to do with it.
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    Travis Cooper, Australia

    8 years ago Country: AU
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