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I want everybody to sign this petition to show every county and the WHOLE state that "us BULLY OWNERS" will not give up on our best friends!! Florida will not succumb to these stupid laws just because the Government is too buisy dealing with "PITBULLS" and not necessarily taking care of the people who are making these beautiful creatures the way they are! THEY WILL NOT WIN!! US AND OUR DOGS TOGETHER WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH! I WOULD RATHER THEM TAKE EVERYTHING I HAVE THAN MY DOGS! PLEASE HELP ME STOP THIS!!! F YOU "TRULY" LOVE YOUR BREED, THAN ACT AS IF YOU ARE THIS BREED!" BECOME ONE WITH THE AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER!! HELLO IT IS AN 'AMERICAN" PITBULL TERRIER!


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    Nicole Rogers, United States

    6 years ago Comments: i dont live in the state of flordia but banning pitbulls is stupid. they do make good pets they all arent bad. its just the people that raise them that want to fight them are the bad ones. they should be pull in prison for life. no dog deserves to be fought not for any reason at all. yall should be looking for the ones that fight them not the dogs themselves. they havnet done anything wrong. i once had a pit bull puppy but i never got to see it grow up because it had gotten really sick, dehydrated, wouldnt walk, wouldnt eat. my mom & i tried everything we could to save her but it was just to late. she died three days after we thought she was getting better. i got her as a present for making the cheerleading squad & i loved her more than anything. so stop trying to ban pitbulls when they havent done no wrong just the owners.
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    Robert Carpio, United States

    6 years ago Comments: I have a 3yr old male pitbull. I've given this dog love, care and discipline. I have a 5yr old Shitzu who's the boss of the house, not the pitbull. My 3kids (16, 5, and 3 yrs old) have never had any problems with their pitbull. I take him to the beach and he get's along well with the other dogs. He's loyal, loving and a good listener, but is guilty of giving lots of licks to those he likes and loves lol!
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    S J Serkez, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I stand behind the above written petition, 110% ! And since my intelligent neice is the owner of these , misunderstood breed/ BREED of dog's, You must OPEN YOUR MIND'S, HEARTS' AND SOUL'S, TO RE- THINK YOUR Stand !
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