Use of GOAL LINE technology in FIFA

FIFA World Cups are watched globally, where everyone can witness a replay of a GOAL that may called back or not called at all, due to the awareness of three people, the referee and side refs. Can you imagine the disgust that the people of the Country feel, when they see a GOAL and because of someone's inaccurately calling the event, the dreams and hopes and even the momemtum, of the game is changed. WHY? ISN"T FIFA accepting new technologies, FIFA prides itself in being too old fashioned.... They like breaking down the hopes of millions of people, while sticking up with their old rules and regulation... THEY STATE that using technoly will slow the game.... HoW long is the"GOAL-Line" technolgy is gonna take, prbably half a second for it to state if its a goal or not, then a replay by a 4th referee, could reaffirm the TEchnology in a subjective way... INDEED, FIFA likes its game to be, subjective, as in the way fouls are called. BUT A GOAL SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECTIVE. ITS EITHER a GOAL or NOT a GOAL... SO SIGN AWAY, AND HOPE FIFA WILL HAVE TO CHANGE, ACCORDING TO WILL OF WHAT THE FANS AROUND THE WORLD WANT!!!


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    NICKI JENKINS, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: It works for everything else so it should be used for football too!
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    Dr. Andy Jenkins, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Rugby, tennis and cricket are all better for the introduction of new technologies. Without new technologies, FIFA sanctioned soccer will become a thing of the past. New, more progressive world bodies will emerge, rendering FIFA largely meaningless in the years to come. Now is the time for change. Failure to advance will result in FIFA becoming a historic entry on wikipedia, and a sick joke in the development al history of the beautiful game. Your choice FIFA: change or lose everything.
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    Robert Butler, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: IT HAS TO BE DONE

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