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I vote here, in petition that the Puppetmaster job in Final Fantasy XI, owned by Square Enix, should have the recast of the job ability, "Activate" lowered from 20 minutes, to 5 minutes. The job is called "PuppetMASTER". We can only recast our puppet, that commonly dies, once per 20 minutes, unless we fully rest it before desummoning it. By signing here, I am FOR an update of the Puppetmaster job, that lowers the Activate recast to 5 minutes.


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    Jared Gallagher, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Hello iv been a active pup since 2006. Its the very first job i unlocked and also my 1st 75. Anyways this activate timer is really annoying pup cant do much with no puppet. we are basicly = to a 65 monk with no kick attacks when we dont have a puppet. I would love to see it lowered but im very happy with the new updates that are coming out later this month. So idk personally id rather have the ai fixed because if thats fixed then you shouldent be dying
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    Brandon Jones, United States

    5 years ago Comments: The 20 min recast really limit's me in event's I.E sky i already have trouble making up damage with my pet out in the unlikely event my automaton get wacked once at the wrong time (wich happends more often then i would like) it put's me down usually 10-15min's of being completely usless to my ls. Lukly for me i have a good ls or i prob wouldn't be alowed back into sky as pup. Kudos to this petition about time. :)
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    Faceless, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I think it would be great to have the cooldown lowered, but it needs to be done in a way that doesn't hurt the game balance. I'd think it would be nice to have the cooldown lowered to something like 2-5 minutes if you deactivate the automaton with less than 100% health out of stupidity or neglect, and then take the reset the cooldown if you get a chocobo without deactivating it with full hp. I can understand a longer cooldown of around 10 minutes or more if your automaton dies though. Another option you could do is give some sort of Jump Start(Raise) Job Ability that you can use for these kind of mistakes. Sure people shouldn't make the mistakes but nobody is perfect and can still be affected by the Noob Syndrome at anytime. I think it's a good idea to work it out to where the ability is a little more convenient to some extent.
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