Allow the Production of Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series

In late 2012, a group of Final Fantasy fans under the company of Shinra Productions, LLC, got together to build a fan production of the Square-Enix video game: Final Fantasy VII. One of the greatest games of all time, it deserved a live-action web series that these fans were ready to create through a massive crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter. The production was built by professionals - people with experience in music, art, film, and VFX. The goal was to make it "not just another fan production," and the 500,000 views of the trailer on YouTube confirmed that it was definitely what the fans wanted. Since the project's inception, Shinra Productions made numerous attempts to talk to Square Enix informing them of their intent, the funding method, the goal, and asking them to come to the table for a professional discussion. Despite the fact that Shinra Productions is certain that they received all the information, Square Enix did not respond. Shinra Productions clearly declared itself not-for-profit; all of the money was going into the making of the series. But after just a few days of the Kickstarter campaign, Square Enix shut it down. Since then, they have continued to be unresponsive to the team's attempts to garner a professional, respectful relationship with the company. The purpose of this petition is to request that Square Enix come to the negotiating table to work out the specifics of this web series. There is no reason not to - the series will benefit Square Enix more than it will benefit Shinra Productions. The team isn't making any money off the project; they're attempting to pay homage to one of the greatest games ever made. Sign your name today and help this dream come to reality!



  • Joshua Square, please let your fans help you remain somewhat relevant in the entertainment industry.

  • Gabriel Lee a very embarrassing attempt.

    poor direction, ugly talents, bad acting, fake-looking props.

    not making money eh? yet they are setting up a merchandise store even before the videos are made. you need $400,000 to make youtube videos. not a single dollar to the creators of this beautiful game. if its not an insult, i don't know what is.

    you deserve it. shut it down.

  • John Michael Almonte I really want the series to continue

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