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feul rip off

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i'm finally getting mad at getting ripped off by the so called cartel that call himself the government , once again i go to put fuel in my car and guess what within a week of fueling up there is yet another price increase of 3p per litre yet there is not a thing i can do about it or is there , i now believe if us consumers in Britain where to cause a power shift in what we buy i think we could cause every member of parliament and fuel distributors ie bp , shell ect ect to stand up and really think what theyare doing , what i propose is we Britain as a nation choose one supplier of gas , electricy , phone company , supermarket and fuel supplier , as a nation i believe if this was achieved there would be a major price war within these companies to get there customers back , which in turn would be controlled by us as a nation as we would not move unless we thought the price was right , this may not be the best writing petition but you get the message , all i ask is for you as part of this nation is to sign this.




  • 4 years ago
    david mcculloch United Kingdom
    4 years ago

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