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Ferry to go between Monterey Ca. and Santa Cruz Ca during summertime

5 Signatures Goal: 50,000

Looking to show the city of Monterey/Santa Cruz that there would be enough demand for a ferry service to begin from Monterey Boardwalk to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the peak summer season.

  • George Panagos
    George Panagos United States, Seaside
    Mar 08, 2016
    Mar 08, 2016
    This would catch on very fast
  • Anonymous
    Aug 07, 2015
    Aug 07, 2015
    Connect the area's top two attractions via a passenger ferry that would be an attraction in its own right, eliminate a two hour drive on a congested stretch of Hwy 1, save on parking fees near both ends, and potentially reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. Why hasn't this happened yet?
  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith United States, Montclair
    Jul 21, 2015
    Jul 21, 2015
    This is truly needed to ease congestion on hwy 1


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    George Panagos United States
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    Anthony Smith United States
    9 months ago
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    Andrew Mishin
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    Brian Ahlers United States
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