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Felicia fled from Cameroon and arrived in this country in October 2005. Felicia is from the Dikome tribe her husband was from the Kumbe tribe. The custom of the Kumbe tribe is that widows should marry any living brother of their deceased husband. When Felicia‚Äôs husband died she was expected to marry her brother-in-law who already had two wives and many children. She refused to become his third wife, which was seen an insult to his honour. Within the Kumbe tribe male honour is very important, a man must always display complete authority over his family, particularly females. Any perceived threat to male honour must be avenged and a man will go to extreme lengths to protect and restore his honour. In this climate, a woman cannot expect support from the police, the courts, or the local community.  

Felicia became a victim of terrible domestic violence. Over a period of several months, her brother-in-law subjected Felicia to repeated physical beatings, frequent mental and emotional abuse and violent rapes. Her children witnessed some of their mother's physical and sexual abuse. As Felicia had nowhere else to live and no one to help her, she had to continue to stay with her children in a room in her brother-in-law's house.  

Felicia fears for her life if she is forced to return to Cameroon. She remains in a very vulnerable state and continues to need emotional and medical support for the problems she still experiences.  That support would not be available to her in Cameroon, there is no one there to whom she could turn for support and protection, the support and protection she needs is here, where she has lived for nearly five years.

This country has a long history of providing sanctuary to people who are in need of protection, Felicia is in need of that protection now, she wants nothing more than to be allowed to live in safety without fear.

An application to revoke the deportation order and a fresh asylum claim was made in October last year. The Home Office has now refused these and this refusal has been certified, which means she does not have a right of appeal. Her solicitor has challenged this and have got the Home Office to look at her case again.  If they refuse again she will now be allowed to appeal, so her fight to be allowed to stay still goes on, she needs our support.

Medical professionals have confirmed that her mental and physical health will be at serious risk if she is returned now. She relies heavily on support from her current church and from friends and medics, she will suffer if taken out of this well-established support network.


Thank you to everyone who signed this petition. We are delighted to let you know that Felicia has finally been granted three years discretionary leave to stay in the UK



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    Nicholas Bond, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I do hope that those in authority dealing with this case will be able to show mercy to this most unfortunate person so that she will be protected from the consequences of returning to Cameroon.
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