Xemxija Sovereignity Declaration

Members of the PLCX subscribe to the following set of principles: Political Independence. Our primary objectives are political independence for Xemxija and the peaceful dissolution of ties with the Saint Paul\'s Bay Local Council. Human Scale. We believe life should be lived on a human scale. Small is still beautiful. Sustainability. We celebrate and support Xemxija\'s small, clean, green, sustainable, socially responsible area. We also believe that energy independence is an essential goal towards which to strive. Economic Solidarity. We encourage the Free People of Xemxija to buy locally produced products from small local merchants rather than purchase from giant, out-of-state megastores. We support trade with nearby Councils. Power Sharing. Xemxija\'s strong democratic tradition will be grounded in its town meetings . We favor devolution of political power from the state back to the People, making the governing structure much like that of Switzerland. Shared power also underlies our approach to international relations. Equal Access. We support equal access for all Xemxija citizens to quality education, health care, housing, and employment. Tension Reduction. Consistent with Xemxija\'s long tradition of \"live and let live\" and nonviolence, we do not condone state-sponsored abuse inflicted by law enforcement officials. We support a voluntary citizens\' brigade to reduce tension and restore order in the event of political unrest and to provide assistance when natural disasters occur. Tension reduction is the bedrock principle on which all conflicts are to be resolved. Mutuality. Both our citizens and our neighbors should be treated with mutual respect.


\"It\'s time for democracy to really involve the people,\"




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