Abolish the Private run 4 profit Fedral Reserve

America would be much better off if our own treasury printed our monetary notes.President Kennedy signed a bill that would remove the Federal reserve from central bankers so that we would have zero deficit zero interest to be paid back and you and I could get home loans @approximately 2.5 percent through the true treasury. How much true wealth would there be in America today if that was true and if We still had a gold backed silver backed of partial backed currency that is supposed to be guaranteed in our great constitution...now America has to borrow money paid back with interest any time we build a plane or build a road to a super wealthy group of private bankers that print money out of thin air..imagine for a second all the companies that belong to the military industrial complex that stand to profit from any war endeavor when the same company's are owned by these private bankers..Its always been an issue and conflict of interest with "We the People"since its our money going to the interest to pay back the supper wealthy..People cant wake up because Reuters and A P associated press is owned by the same Bankers with an agenda to keep all this in tact..and why wouldn't they want that that is if there conscience was seared over because everything benefits them and nothing for "We the People" lets be smart and take our country back starting with the monetary system..


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    jonathan basye, United States

    5 years ago Comments: this is the second most important story and issue in the world next to the Gospel so preach that too
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