Fatal Frame (A.K.A Project Zero) Movie Series & Game Release Global

Reason I made this petition is for all Fatal Frame fans to come together and demand for what the game series can and should be. Fatal Frame, the game series, should and could be bigger then what they are now. Sure we have Fatal Frame 1-3 on PS2 and the original X-Box. But over the past 5 or so years Nintendo has released 2 Fatal Frame(Project Zero) games only to be release in Japan & Europe. And only one spin-off game globally called Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir or as named for the Story Mode of the game Fatal Frame: The Diary Of Faces. In 2003 Dreamworks Pictures and Sony Pictures announced that there was going to be a movie adaption to the Fatal Frame series. To me the games could be like Resident Evil or Silent Hill that have kick-ass video games and movies to them. Even an anime series or manga series would be a good adaption to the Fatal Frame video games. Also other merchandise should be available for fans worldwide. Please sign if your a minor or a huge fan of Fatal Frame.


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