Is the daily newspaper for the family

Do the semi-naked pictures of Britney spears or Paris Hilton belong to the daily newspaper Do the featured articles like \"How to be good in bed\", \"How to make your man happy\" belong to the newspaper We are not talking about Moral Policing here. All we are saying is these articles do not belong to the regular daily newspaper. The newspaper should be readable by the whole family without we having to do censorship at home. There are other magazines / tabloids which can continue to publish and people can choose to buy them or not to. The freedom of speech for the newspapers should come with some responsibility. The amount of trash published in the daily newspaper is having a negative impact on our children.


We are a group of concerned citizens living in Bangalore, India. We are normal person like you and are not into moral policing. We would like to have a choice for our young kids. We would like the kids to inculcate the reading habit and be in the know on whats going on in the world around them minus some of the unnecessary trash which is hurled at them by the daily newspapers.


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    juggi, India

    8 years ago Comments: Its high time , at least the family news paper can be less provocative & more informative, just like what it used to be in the past & also currently like THE HINDU,
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    Raghu Goyal, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I agree. Newspapers should be more responsible.
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    Dinesh Rawat, India

    8 years ago Comments: I agree with mentioned point that newspaper should be readable for whole family... The another thing is, in our newspaper, there are always headline of either riots or politician.. why we can't have some encouraging article about someone rather than having those distracting articles
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