Fairness For All Players

Pokah, We, the players of Mystic Island, have noticed a discrepency in enforcing the rules of language and TD duties/responsibilites. For example, John Smith used an acronym (wtf) and gets banned for 24 hours. However, Joe Schmo curses outright with misspellings,(chit, daymn) yet they do not get banned. It is recognized that TD and sysops are volunteers,but there is still a responsibility with those positions and they should be held to equal if not higher standards, to set an example for others. Perhaps if these rules were enforced, we would attract more members and build the site by leaps and bounds. We also noticed TDs playing in their own tournaments, using language that is not appropriate for the Family fun style of Mystic Island. When this was brought to Sysops with screen shots attached, we were directed to DebbT the TD administrator, and she in turn directed us to you and the Mystic Island email address. All we are asking is for all the sysop and TD all follow the same rules. Stop the favortism so we can go back to the island that we enjoyed, and for all rules to be enforced equally among all members, whether they are TD, or regular members. We'd like all reports to be given equal credence and action taken on all matters brought before you. Thank you, The Players Of Mystic Island


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    Mountainsmom, United States

    7 years ago Comments: already been reposted i hop e i signe d this righ t:)
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    Marie Accadia, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I Agree
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    Jadedrockstar, United States

    7 years ago Comments: These are comments that MM put on old petition 31 Mountainsmom/CSTCTyposMmom ok I agree there s been many of to much rudnesss exct..been goin g onl atley an d im no t sure why i do know ibeen with mystic sinc e 2000i amalso a former Tdand recnetly a newbie TD in trainning alo tha s changed ove r th eyears bu tmainly i do agree with Caps when TD need to us e them so tha tplayers can read and see whats goin gon in tourneys esp for seating and nex t rounds.but i dont agree with players using Caps alot and using i t to vent anger o r frusterations.I also have seen player s to many to mention regarding players playing while at work . I personally do no thav e aproblem with tha t firs tof allthat s ther echoic e who know si tcouldb e ther eown businnes an d can do i to r it s a extreme slow day exct... who is to say they can or cant that s there situation thye hav e to deal with them selves i f thyecan mutli task then i say go fo r it:)after all a s far as i am concern we are already being ove r regualted inthe real world i dont think w eneed any mor e in her e from re gpeoplesaying wha t w ecan and cant do but id think w e allar e grown up enough to us e responsibl e manner s responsible responses and respec t each othe r as well regardles s o f weathe r they are TD ,owners, syopers, or even pokah an d his staf f himself:)an d tha t incluses u s player s a s well in Td status an d not TD status an d those of us tha t are jus t re g players:) This plac e doesno t belong fo r any curseing/accustations exct... i t suppos eto b e a fun plac e a friendly place an d a plac e to ge taway for just a lttile while.Ive me t way to may people o ver th e y ears an d i concideer alo f them myfamily .Please bring this sit e back wha t whats known for respect resonbility kindness friendly ness an d mos t importna t o t bring newbies in an d t o encourge them to hav e fun an d enjoy an d spread wha t mystic wa s all about in the firs t place.with all my lov e an dhear t to th eplayer s TD's sysopers and to ther e re extended familie s as well{{{}}}
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