Ebay Feedback System Must Change

The eBay feedback system has got ridiculous and unbalanced! Now, most sellers do not leave feedback for buyers until the buyer has rated the deal. This is completely wrong. Any transaction on eBay has 2 parts: 1 The buyer pays for their purchase 2 The seller dispatches the purchase At any point, for a buyer to receive a positive rating all they have to do is pay and share their postal and other necessary details in a timely manner. Conversely, all the seller needs to do is ensure the goods are as described and despatched well packaged and in a timely manner. So, why do so many sellers wait for positive feedback from a buyer before they leave it 1 They see it as protection. By waiting they can give bad feedback to a buyer who has complained about bad goods or slow delivery. This is the same buyer who has, of course, paid in a timely manner and sent all details as needed. 2 They do it this way because they can


I am just a single eBay user and fan from London, UK who is fed up with the blatant abuse of an otherwise great feedback system by sellers.


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    justin gordon, Australia

    4 years ago State: -
    Country: Australia
    Comments: Ebay's feedback policy is grossly unfair! It supports war & it's a basic policy that is unfair & inhumane. Only reason behind it is to create more sales for ebay
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    zhqdwenzthx, China

    5 years ago State: Florida
    Country: Lithuania
    Comments: -
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    Rick Santiago, United States

    5 years ago State: Georgia
    Country: United States
    Comments: It is so sad and unfair what is going on at EBay with the feedback policy. I used to have a %100 feedback score for years and now the criminal element and scamming buyers ARE requesting refunds for items that are "supposedly" damaged and not delivered. Some leave negative feedback and then want A REFUND. I cant control the USPS and the fact that EBay wont allow me to officially offer insurance protection. This is a GREAT concept going south real quick. Ebay has become a virtual online monopoly and screws sellers evry chance they get.
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