Stop hidden discrimination with employment credit checks!!

It is an unfair practice to use a persons private credit report as a determining factor when deciding whether or not to extend employment. It is a known fact that almost 80% of the U.S. population has marginal to bad credit. Does that make them bad people No! Does it make them unworthy to hold a job Of course not. What it does mean is that these people are NORMAL everyday citizens who for one reason or another, be it immaturity or victim of circumstance, fell upon hard times financially. Why should these people be afforded a chance to work and fight their way back Bankruptcy was implemented to give consumers a \"Second chance\" if you will. How are they supposed to take advantage of that right, if they are being black listed from jobs In light of identity theft, I think that a person\'s credit file should be tightly guarded and not open to just anyone to peek at. If that\'s the case, why keep them private, why not post them on the internet for everyone to see Criminal and background checks are warranted, but my credit has nothing to do with my ability to work.


I represent a group of average citizens who have recently been denied employment soley based on the contents of our credit history. Contents that in some cases is well over 5 years old. How can we make a better life if we aren\'t given the chance



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    Tonya, United States

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    Comments: How do creditors expect to be paid if people are not being hired due to poor credit?
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    Shawn Bulifant, United States

    4 years ago State: Virginia
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    Jerald James, United States

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    Country: United States
    Comments: Your credit rating should have no bearing on whether or not you are a hireable person. Things that should be: criminal record, experiance, and common sense. My wife has 11 years at the present bank in town, but because of my loss of employment that lead to a foreclosure, she cannot seem to move to a different bank. The really sad thing is, the banks she has applied for have employees that have risen quickly in positions that she had trained when the worked with my wife! For the uninformed, bankers have to be bonded, which means those employees are printed and those prints are entered into AFIS, the FBI fingerprint database. Do these people honestly believe that because an applicant that has an extremely desireable work history, but bad credit going to steal? Especially knowing that banks are known for emphasis on watching what the tellers are doing more than the safety of its employees? I feel this is unconstitutional and should not be allowed, period.
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