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Dear Facebook: We, the undersigned, as members of the Facebook cause "The Fight Against Poor Grammar," formally ask of you to fix the site\'s grammar gaffes. As Facebook is a place millions of users read every day, it is only proper that the site employs correct grammar throughout its user interface. The following are some infractions we have noted: 1. In the news-feed, it should not read: "John Doe has updated their profile." This is an elementary subject-verb agreement error. Rather, it should read "John Doe has updated his/her profile" or, even better if Facebook can recognize the user\'s gender, just "John Doe has updated his profile." 2. The "Favorite Quotes" field on Facebook should optimally be called "Favorite Quotations," inasmuch as "quote" is generally viewed as a verb. 3. INFRACTION CORRECTED. [For the benefit of everyone, please remove \"is\" from status updates. People use the verb form of \"to be\" too much already. Why can\'t we choose nice action verbs instead of having to fit \"is\" into it Instead of \"Bob is loving his new car,\" why can\'t we just say \"Bob loves his new car\"] Further infractions will be found and posted here as we come upon them.


Sponsored by \"The Fight Against Poor Grammar,\" a Facebook cause dedicated to promoting proper grammar in an ever increasingly net-driven society.



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    Greta Neely, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Please for the love of God...someone ALSO start a new cause, people or teachers against Juni B Jones...replete with solecisms perfect for those young minds! Unfortunately people think these novels are funny. I am sorry to be the wet blanket, but poor grammar is not a laughing matter. In fact I am very passionate about our language's preservation.
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    Adobe OEM Software, Ukraine

    3 years ago Comments: zLoy7W I am so grateful for your post.Much thanks again.
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    Lenard V. Fleming, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Hopefully we can also get our education system to notice that a great deal of people have poor language and communication skilld
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