Suwaiba is a woman. She went to deliver a baby at the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi (KATH). She says she had a live baby. KATH says it was a stillbirth. She demanded the body of her baby, but for more than two weeks, KATH has neither given her the baby nor its body. Suwaiba derserves to take her baby home for outdooring or its body home for burial.

We the undersigned demand of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection the following:

1. That Suwaiba’s baby or its body be given to her; or

2. All persons on whose watch this despicable and irresponsible act happened resign immediately and be made to face the full riggours of the law.

Speak up for Suwaiba. Speak up for responsibility and accountability to all Ghanaians irrespective of creed, colour or status. Stand up for human rights. Stand up for maternal health.

Add your signature and like this page to show your support to the course of justice for all. We all deserve to live in a society that cares about human rights for each and everyone .

Suwaiba could have been you, your sister, wife, mother or auntie. That missing baby could have been you, when you were being born.


  • Kwabena Brako We stand by Suwaiba in her darkest hour. Would you? Go on, sign this petition!

  • Alhajj Allotey Malcolm X I cannot sleep and I can never stop crying seeing a poor sister child being stolen and no one is there to fight for her. My conscience cannot spare me if I don’t stand up to express my sad feeling towards sister Suweiba’s plight. Truthfully! My heart is engulfed with pains and my entire mind and eyes are swimming in an ocean of tears, anger and Agony. On this 25th day of February, our parliamentarians together with the president are gathered in the House of Representatives, laughing and making noise like fools and animals in the jangle. They claim they are fighting for our welfare but all they seek is to fill their bellies and bank accounts and leave the poor masses perish in injustices, hunger and pains. It is only shouting you people know and not seeking justice for the people of Ghana. Madam Suweiba needs her baby and you these greedy leaders must open your evil hearts and ears and listen to her. This is the time for you people to prove that you are humans and not donkeys. Foolish, stupid and barbaric leaders, God will punish you all for allowing this poor woman be in pains and agony for the past three weeks. I hate them all and I wish I had the power to burn them all inside the parliament house today. Is not yet over we will continue fighting and I pray that someone will come out and organize a strong demonstration for us to fight this evil act. We will soon get to the wall and surely Bokom Haram and Al-shabab will emerge in Ghana to target these greedy and evil politicians and bureaucrats. Allah is Watching!

  • Irene atubiga This innocent lady deserves to know the truth about her baby.....

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  • This innocent lady deserves to know the truth about her baby.....
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