RuneScape: Separate F2P/P2P hi-score lists

This petition is for the online multi-player RPG RuneScape. On the game\'s main website (, there are high score lists for the top 100,000 players in each skill category. RuneScape is divided into two versions: The free version (F2P) and the pay-version (P2P). However, for the skill hi-scores, F2P and P2P share the same list. There is also an overall list for the skill total. What is unfair about sharing the same hi-score list is that P2P has three, soon to be four, exclusive skills, so the average P2P player\'s score is always higher than the free version score in the same skill. Also, there are many features in P2P that allow a player to level much faster than in F2P. Although I am P2P for this month, I believe that this is unfair for F2P, and that there should be separate hi-score lists. As for ex-P2P members, the exclusive skills should be counted as 1 towards the overall on the F2P list. Note that offesnive or blank entries will be deleted. Anyone that agrees should sign this petition. Thanks, ixfd64.


Since many people feel the same way as I do, I decided to create this petition. RuneScape official site: RuneScape Tips:


RuneScape official site: RuneScape Tips site: RuneScape Tips forums:


  • duane snyder they need to either make old school for f2p as well as make high score as well for them too.

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    Comments: they need to either make old school for f2p as well as make high score as well for them too.
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