A Declaration of Extreme Leadership

A Declaration of Extreme Leadership

We, the undersigned, have devoted ourselves–personally and professionally–to changing the world, in some way, for the better.

We strive to use what we have–passion, talent, desire, resources, imagination, time–to make a difference, to expand the rightness of things.

We don’t consider ourselves to be naive or idealistic–although others certainly may. We are pragmatists of the highest order: we believe there is nothing more eminently practical than looking at the world, asking, “how can this be better?” and then holding ourselves personally accountable for getting it done.

We recognize that big, broad, systemic changes need to happen in our society: policies need to shift, attitudes need to evolve, and priorities need to change—and we’ll do whatever we can to contribute to those transformations over time.

In the meantime,

Regardless of what is or is not happening “out there”, and regardless of what other people are or are not doing to change things for the better, we commit to making a difference in the way we lead TODAY.

We are business people, educators, volunteers, friends and neighbors who share a common desire: to help each other to help each other--and we'll take a Radical Leap to do so.

We are today’s Extreme Leaders, and we invite you to join us.


The Extreme Leadership Institute


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  • Al Steele Trilogy Athletes was just introduced to this Declaration of Extreme Leadership by Chrissy Carew. On behalf of our organization I am happy to sign the petition and offer my personal commitment to making a difference in the way I/we lead today.

  • Niels Teunis We know that our children thrive when they are deeply connected in their families, however these are constituted. But we live in a world that makes deep meaningful connection way, way too difficult. As an extreme leader I will do what I can to help parents have a deep connection with their children again, to love them, to teach them, to learn from them and to give them optimum preparation for the world they are about to inherit. The deck is stacked against the parents. We are about to change that.

  • Sandra Jewett Bishop As each year moves by I believe and find more and more exciting, incredible, beautiful people are entering my life. I look forward to celebrating each and every new birthday.

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