Re-evaluation of home values in East Windsor Township for property taxes

The ever increasing cost of residential property taxes of East Windsor Township has become a matter of concern. It seems that every year the property taxes are escalating and new home owners are hit the hardest. The tax assessment for new homes is done every year as compared to the tax assessment of older homes which is not being done at the same frequency for the other East Windsor township residents. The re-evaluation for the older East Windsor township residents was not done since 1989. It was supposed to happen last year in 2007 then it was pushed off till 2008. Now, it is pushed back again till 2009. It seems that the re-evaluation for the older home owners of East Windsor seems to be postponed every year for some reason or another. As a direct result of this, the new home owners are paying an improportionate portion of the tax share every year. We, the new home owners of East Windsor township, ask that this matter be addressed and resolved, immediately, and the tax be re-calculated and re-assessed by using fair and appropriate means across all the East Windsor township residents. Also, considering this re-evaluation period from its original effective date and then backtracking and calculating a tax credit for the appropriate amount based on that for the new home owner residents. This petition is being started regarding this issue of concern.


East Windsor Township residents - new home owners.


  • Anonymous property taxes based on past assessment is not fair as the home values have plunged.

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    USAZULU, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Taxes in East Windsor are Killing me, every night I am going to bed and thinking what we can do about the taxes how to pay them. Each Qtrly I was paying more than 4600.00( $1500.00 per month). And my home is less than 2900sqare feet and I do not have land more than 1/8 on acre. Now I saw new assessment which is unfairly calculated. Houses price are gone down all over and why that is not reflecting in the assessment? What is going on is very brutal to the east Windsor township people. It went up 150K more so my taxes will be $2000.00 monthly. This is like lifetime mortgage. I want to run from this town and the state, but housing went down , who is going to buy my house and pay such high taxes. God Please help me, I do not know but any one can see either money is mismanaged or some sort of corruption is going on..
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    Brian Basile, United States

    5 years ago
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    Jeff, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: Property Taxes are way over 2% with the assessed values being stupidly over what actual market values are. Houses assesed at 300k are selling for 250k. My house is assessed at 275k and thats 20% more than I paid for it after it was on the market 4 months. Thats insane. No city can justify this kind of taxation. Your house is worth what some one is willing to pay period not what some clown thinks its worth. Recent sales should be the main indicator. Windsors tax rate of .0184 is ridiculous to begin with. Add in the large over assesments and its over 2% .. thats criminal and makes Windsor totally off limits to smart money. The only thing that can happen is property values go down more. Windsor is in a rut and will never get out as no sane person is going to move in to a town that taxes 2% +. Its unaffordable and just plain stupid. 1.5% is high ... Windsor is off the charts.
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