Every 3rd Metro Train should have a bicycle car at the end

Currently, Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) prohibits full-sized (non-folding) bicycles on the trains during rush hours (7-10am; 4-7pm). As bicycles are legitimate transportation, particularly providing the "last mile" solution for many commuters, and those using them are easing congestion and air quality issues in our region, we believe that WMATA should investigate and implement a solution for bicyclists using full-sized (non-folding) bicycles to take those bicycles on board the trains during rush hour as well.

Therefore, we petition WMATA and regional authorities to allow full-sized (non-folding) bicycles on the last car of every third train on each line in the system (or every 8 car train). The train car should be designated a "full-sized bicycle priority" train car. This train car will be the only train car cyclists with full-sized (non-folding) bicycles may use during peak commuter times.

Further, if this is not possible, we petition WMATA to explain to regional authorities concerned with easing traffic congestion and promoting healthy lifestyle choices as to why it is not possible.


  • Olivia Vito More times than I can count, I've forgotten that is rush hour as I go to hop on the metro with my bicycle. I've had to leave my bike in VA on my way to MD, and come back for it later, costing me so much extra time, money and worry about whether or not it's been stolen. And I know I'm not the only one!

  • Anonymous Great idea!

  • Bill Meyer More people would use bicycles if this option were expanded.

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