Ethan's Law

This petition is designed specifically and especially for Ethan Stacy. Please sign the petition to encourage lawmakers and proper authorities to give a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves or defend themselves. This petition is also to have lawmakers and proper authorities seriously consider the details in the Ethan Stacy case and set forth laws to keep it from happening again. We the people, want mandatory sentences set forth for this type of brutality in the future.This petition will be presented to Gary Herbert (Utah) our current Governor as well as other members of Congress and Legislatureand toour formerGovernor, JonHuntsman (Utah), who in 2007 signed a law that allows prosecuters to charge those who abuse and kill a child with aggravated murder, which can lead to the death penalty. This petition will also bepresented toLaw Enforcement Officials/Officers, as well as other organizations that assist with child abuse prevention and those in the Legal Profession. Thank you for your support.

Outline: Points this petition will address

1. State to State Communication.

2. Fast-Track Background Checks.

3. Bias Towards Mother's Having Custody.

4. Psychological Evaluations for all parties involved in the care of the child/children.

5. Emergency Petitions being taken seriously and addressed.

6. The child/children being heard and given a voice (especially when the child/children express "concern" for either parent/persons involved.

7. The "Boyfriend Factor".

8. Welfare Checks being conducted.

9. Detailed information on everyone who will be living with or who will be around the child/children on a regular basis during the visit, particularly those responsible for the child/children.

10. Due process if a parent who abandoned his/her child wants to regain custody and have visitation rights.

11. Judges being held accountable for their inaction/actions.

Note: You do not have to pay a fee to sign. Just bypass it and it will still leave your signature. Thank You



  • Amy Bartlett Justice for Ethan!!!

  • Becky Stacy 4,668 signatures! im so thankful that people are still signing. its been, what seems like, so long since this first started & i thought all action on this had stopped. Thank the good Lord above that it hasnt. id love more than anything to see something come from this nightmare that is good and will benefit and help another child. Although Ethan was only on this earth a short, too too short, while, he made a huge impact on several people's lives. I know this bc theyve contacted us and shared how drawn they felt to him. He had that effect on people. What happened to him will never be able to be justified, no matter the outcome of what stephanie and nathan sloop will face. Thats why I still hold out hope that we can make a difference. thank you to all who have added your signature to this petition.

  • Melissa Panici These assholes don't deserve to live. That precious boy needs justice and jail isn't the answer. They don't deserve to live!!!!!!!!!!

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