Release an Extended Version of Eragon

We fans of Eragon know that there are scenes that have been cut by the studio and would ask that you would release these on DVD like that of Lord of the Rings and Kingdom of Heaven. As we as fans are saddened and angered by the Eragon movie since it hardly followed the book that we love. While Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was cut down, at least most of the major plot points were kept in, Eragon on the other hand cut so much of the major plot points that it would be near impossible to create a sequel. Which is why to both make the movie truer to the book and to make the story more meaningful we as fans ask that you release an Unrated Extended Edition of Eragon.


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    Samuel Filion

    4 months ago Comments: please!!
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    social bookmarking service, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: rUpMwc Thanks for the blog. Great.
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    Keith A. Duncan, United States

    3 years ago Comments: I saw the movie before reading the book, enjoyed the movie although I felt it could've been longer and taken more time to tell the story. After having read the book, my opinion that the movie could've been longer and taken more time to tell the story has grown considerably. It's my understanding that the powers-that-be chopped this movie up pretty badly to make it more palatable for movie theaters, I feel the movie did poorly as a direct result of that chopping. Please release the FULL EXTENDED VERSION of this movie on DVD, and possibly re-release it in it's full uncut version to the theaters so people can finally see what this movie should have been in the first place!
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