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The Springfield School Community has undergone a painful transformation over the past three years. During this time, our children and staff have dealt with construction, moving and uncertainty. We have endured knowing that the end result is two beautifully equal schools that would foster learning and growth for all of Springfield’s children.  Now that the buildings are nearly complete and the final hour grows near, the district is faced with the decision of what the final composition of these schools is going to be.


As Springfield citizens and staff, we would like to declare that we believe in having two EQUAL schools and request that the following factors lead the decision of how to distribute our children into those schools:


EQUALITY for All Springfield Students

• Similar total number of students

• Comparable class sizes for all grades

• Comparable allocation of staff and resources

• Similar socioeconomic and special needs demographics


Whether the K-2/3-5 proposal is chosen as the best option to distribute Springfield’s children, or if another workable configuration is proposed, we request that equality be maintained as the most important issue to consider as you move forward.



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    Elizabeth Willis, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Configuration is not really the most important issue right now. Equality is paramount in my book. Having one overcrowded school is not fair. Using rooms meant to be staff rooms, OT rooms, or reading rooms as classrooms is not fair if not done in both buildings. We need to be thinking in terms of fair for ALL Springfield students.
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    Mina Turner, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Perfectly equal may not be attainable. But I do think we should work toward a more fair proposal than 120 more students at Union, compared to Elm. Research clearly shows that small class size, especially at the lower elementary grade levels has a very positive impact on student achievement. It would be great to create small numbers in both schools ideally. It would be unethical to create one school with low numbers while the other school was overcrowded.
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    Angelique Franzoni, United States

    5 years ago Comments: My children are Union Street kids and need to remain that way. This town continues to make poor decisions on where to allocate money and how to distribute students. It is unbelievable that they keep "finding" issues AFTER they present and get support for situations. They use a "bait and switch" to keep things moving where THEY want. Frank Perotti needs to step aside and let better heads prevail on this one.
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