End Kasam Se, Save Viewers the Torture

Mockery of religion, relationship, marriages tradition, values have been showed in KS for the past two years but members stick together just for Jai and Bani. A 16yr old leap, that offered promises of a revenge track of Jai n Bani Walia against Meera. Almost an month into the leap, no progression of the storyline, of helping Pornita get her memory back. Instead Jai is shown living with murderer (Meera) for the past 16yrs. With JM having an child off their own, makes some viewers puke, how can a heartless murder live an happily married life, which reflects Evil winning over Good. We stuck on because it was a romantic story, a story of a simple girl falling in love with a much older sophisticated man, a romance many of us dream but do not get in real life. Many of our personal lives are filled with trials, terbulations and tragedies. In the name of entertainment we do not want to see any more....We agree we should be in touch with reality but at the end of hard day's work when we sit in front of the TV we want to forget the hardships of life and have some entertainment. We do not mind evil, sadness etc as it makes the story interesting but we would like to see, good winning, happy endings and love prevailing. We want to go to bed with a smile in our lips. 16 years is too long a leap when the capital punishment of the country is 14 years. Please friend sign the petition, save us the torture and end KS up for good. Rest in peace Kasam Se & Long Live Jai& Bani!!!


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    Shasha, India

    6 years ago
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    Roohi, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Ram is a fantastic actor who is being wasted in this play. I really feel for him since I heard he was in this only because of commitment. The story has turned a bad leaf. Please put theses actors out of this misery. There is nothing to watch in kasam se anymore.
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    rimjhim, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: the show is completely disgusting, it shows a murderer living at large for 16 years while the innocent suffers. a nurderer living a happy life, nothing is logical, they should of the end the show right away after prachi desai leaving. I don't like the new new bani and her over the top expressions. but I still begg balaji to end the torture.
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