Stop Internet Dating

This is a petition to stop Internet Dating. It's not safe, and sites should not be condoning such an activity


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    Mayada, Canada

    5 years ago
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    Matthew Griffith, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Internet dating is a false form of gratification. Men and women have been working and developing for thousands of years in order to come together. Love and gratification should be acquired from real life experiences where you are free to be hurt, embarrassed, greeted, angry, sad, happy, confused and scared. By expeirencing real life events in which you feel these emotions with another person, this is how we gain wisdom, confidence and new artistic forms of expression. These emotions are also what teach us that life and the way that we feel inside is important. these experiences give us a motive and a drive to feel better and reflect more positive energy outward to the world. Text on a screen doesn't quite creat the experience as actual smell, taste, seeing and reading a persons actions, hearing all of the tones in their voice and just feeling them and your surroundings. These senses can tell us more than anyone or any scientist or doctor for that matter, could ever put into words or pictures that could be relayed over the internet. Peace.
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    Suzette V., United States

    7 years ago Comments: Reasons: Predators, players, liars, crazy people, ugly people, boring people, rude people, sex crazed psychos, plus a computer can never determine chemistry. Waste of time, people are better off meeting in the real world. Why give your time and money to the dating industrial complex Spend your time being the best you can be so you can meet people in the real world, and not help the loosers of this world breed so that the world ends up being like that portrayed in the movie "Idiocracy."
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