Americans Against Horse Slaughter

We, the undersigned, AMERICANS AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER, urge Congress to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to end the horrific practice of transporting and slaughtering horses for human consumption abroad. No horse should face such a cruel and brutal end. In America, no horse is bred for food. He is bred for sport, industry and agriculture. Many are companions just like our dogs and cats. Our country was built on the back of horses who still serve our country to this day. Horses protect our borders as well as helping police protect our cities. They provide programs that help those with disabilities. When you ask people about the practice of horse slaughter, the vast majority find this practice shocking and indefensible. Horse slaughter is NOT euthanasia but it is the painful butchering of these American icons. Most of these horses are young, healthy and well suited for placement in loving homes. Recent court rulings have shut down the three slaughter plants in the U.S. but foreign companies are still able to export American horses to slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada. Without a federal ban, they will continue to transport horses across our borders for slaughter. Without a federal ban, we stand the chance of a new slaughter facility opening within our country. We appeal to Congress to end this cruel and inhumane practice once and for all by passing HR503/S311


Americans Against Horse Slaughter



  • Anonymous I borrow a horse, and would give anything to have my own but instead they're sent to slaughter houses.

  • angela My daughter has autism. She has a horse. This horse is her reason to go on
    the horse is her life and has given her confidence love companionship responsibility. It is very difficult for autistic people to connect to other people. I know that no docter or teacher has been ever Abel to help my child. Horses are a gift. And should be treated so. There is no reason to destroy them in such unhumain ways. It is all greed. Maybe if they were respected and truley loved. Many sick children and adults would have a chance. It hurts us to see these slauter videos. I didn't want to believe man could be so cruel. But it is true. I will pray for this situation and god will punish accordingly.

  • himani Please stop this nonsense. Horses have feelings.

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