International Petition to End Institutionalized Child Abuse

INTERNATIONAL PETITION END INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE People around the world have voiced their concerns that children are being mentally and physically abused and neglected in residential treatment facilities in the United States and in other countries. Children are dying in residential treatment facilities, boot camps, and wilderness programs, often from face-down, prone restraints. This International Petition will support the banning of such dangerous and deadly restraints and will further support the use of de-escalative techniques. The undersigned agree that in order to ensure the safety of these children, State and Federal legislation should be enacted to provide the following: Foreign-based child residential treatment facilities:


Created 5/14/06 This petition is sponsored by Isabelle Zehnder, founder of the Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse. We seek to expose and rectify the abuse and distress of children placed in private residential facilities, behavior modification programs, boot camps, wilderness programs, and boarding schools. We believe that no child should be abducted, incarcerated, abused, neglected, or stripped of their basic human rights for the sake of profit. NOTE: Please be advised IP addresses are visible to the sponsor of this Petition. This Petition is intended to help in passing legislation and to give people all over the world a voice. Derogatory comments that are an attempt to stifle our efforts will be deleted.


PENDING FEDERAL LEGISLATION Currently there is pending Federal legislation that, if passed, would ensure all youth residential facilities and programs would be licensed and regulated, as addressed in this International Petition. (see below for more information) At CAICA we feel the more voices that are heard, the stronger the voice becomes! *LITIGATION / LEGISLATION / US DEPT. OF STATE* US Department of State - Litigation - Legislation - *DEATHS IN RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT FACILITIES* Giovanni \"Joey\" Aletriz - Martin Lee Anderson - List of children who have died in residential treatment facilities and wilderness programs - Articles regarding deaths in residential treatment facilities and wilderness programs - In Memory - a song dedicated to children who have died in the name of treatment - *DEADLY RESTRAINTS* Deadly restraints - Reaching for the Light - high risk interventions in human services - an internation symposium August 29-31, 2006 - Reports and facts - *WWASP* Tranquility Bay Documentary about Tranquility Bay: Comments from viewers - Majestic Ranch Report: A Living Nightmare for Kids - Mind control - Startling facts - Sting of WWASP - Tranquility Bay - Facility watch - *CHILD TRANSPORT OR KIDNAPPING* Crime library - Legal abductions - *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION* Boot camp mentality - Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) - *LINKS TO HELPFUL SITES (in alphabetical order)* Aware Parenting is a philosophy of child-rearing that has the potential to change the world... Parents who follow this approach raise children who are bright, compassionate, competent, non-violent, and drug-free. Bazelon Center for Mental Health is a national legal advocate for people with mental disabilities. The Bazelon Center works to advance and preserve the rights of people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. Click here to read what Bazelon has to say about children in residential treatment centers. The Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse (CAICA) was founded by Isabelle Zehnder. CAICA is working to expose child abuse, neglect, and deaths in residential treatment facilities. CAICA is working with other advocacy groups in an attempt to ensure no more children will die in the name of treatment. Federation of Families for Children\'s Mental Health is dedicated exclusively to helping children with mental health needs and their families achieve a better quality of life. Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) the nation\'s law that works to improve results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. In Loving Memory, Angel Above Daniel had one of the purest hearts I shall ever know and sang with tears in his eyes every night of his life to me , My heart shall go on . Daniel died 5-31-2003 in PCDJJ , Florida. His heart shall always go on ... by Diana Matthews. Internet Special Education Resources (ISER) is a nationwide directory of professionals who serve the learning disabilities and special education communities. Intrepid Reporter represents the investigations and work of Donna Headrick who died on July 6, 2002. She devoted her time and attention to helping others. This website is a reflection of her concerns for our children. The owner of this website, out of respect for Donna, has not added to or changed any of the information as posted by Donna Headrick. Jordan Riak - Founder of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Schools (PTAVE), a resource for parents, students, educators, education policymakers, healthcare providers, children\'s advocates, and all others who are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of children - Justice4Kids is a voice to all who participate in Florida


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    Nicola Scott, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Comments: Each and every child should be treated with compassion, respect and love. ALL children, no matter what race, abilities, etc, they are. NO-ONE has the right to abuse ANYONE. Children should be able to feel safe and to be safe. The law should listen 100% to the voices of the parents, each and every one of us who truly care and support them and most of all to the voices of these precious children, who should never had lost their lives...especially from abuse!!!!!
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    Inga Chandler, United States

    2 years ago Comments: My son was at the Academy of Ivy Ridge for a little over a year. He came home with a dislocated thumb, urine infection, and had PTSD. Eight years later he still has occasional nightmares. That place has really set him back in life mainly emotionally and mentally. Whatever kind of problem a child has before going to a "tough love" institution, they will come home 100 worse. Love is never tough-it is kind, compassionate, and understanding. None of these places offer anything like that. These places are not checked by any state agency because they are licensed as "private institutions." If Americans knew what goes on in these places they would fight to stop this 9 billion dollar a year industry!
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    Patricia Chamberlin, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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