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End Electroshock Therapy Now

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This petition is to end of use of electroshock therapy (ECT) used by psychiatrists as part of their treatment for some of their patients. I will be sending this petition to the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the American Psychiatric Association and to other groups as I see fit.


Sue Clark is a psychiatric survivor. Sue had electroshock therapy (ECT) against her will at the age of l7 years old at the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital. On her 5th ECT, her heart stopped and she was revived. Since she has had ECT, she has suffered from permanent memory loss. Prior to ECT, Sue has no problems with her memory. Since having had ECT, Sue finds it difficult to learn anything new, concentrate, or remembering anything. This has significantly impeded Sue\'s day to day living activities. Sue has been an poverty activist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for over 20 years. Sue has been an antipsychiatry activist for over 20 years. Sue is part of a worldwide campaign to end electroshock therapy. In Ontario, Canada - 14,000 ECTs are given to people. In the USA, 100,000 Americans get ECT. Since 1940 when ECT was introduced in America, approximately 6 million people have had ECT. Worldwide it is estiamted between 1 to 2 million people get ECT.

Links Sue Clark\'s Website exposing ECT The Food and Drug Administration Alert on ECT Lots of info on ECT Dr. Breggin\'s website




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