End the Annual Calderon Dolphin Slaughter



It is time that we, citizens of this planet, called upon our own governments to tell Denmark / Faroe Islands that the whales and dolphins they slaughter are not theirs to kill. It is time that we fought back for the sake of those who cannot speak at our courts. We must demand that our government put Denmark and the Faroe Islands on notice: We will NOT passively permit you to continue this vulgar practice! We will place sanctions against you until it stops. We will not buy or sell with you. You are shunned, unwelcome, until you stop slaughtering these fellow residents of the earth.

This is our planet, the earth is our mother, and all of the creatures who share it with us are our fellows, brother and sister inhabitants. It is not ours to do with as we please. We’re only here borrowing it for a while. The Calderon dolphins may very well be led to extinction by this killing, and extinct is forever. They are just one of the species of cetaceans killed by these people. NO intelligent creature should be treated this way. Despite claims to the contrary, the Faroese do NOT need to do this to survive.

Please, do all you can to make it stop.


  • Brendan Thompson This is murder , plain and simple and it must end. Whales and Dolphins are just as much members of this planet as we are and we must treat them with respect and compassion.

  • spenser this is inhumane

  • Anonymous stop dolphin slaughter!!!

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