Encouraging an End to Racial Divisiveness in Appling County

Let the Appling County Commissioners know they are further isolating their community by erecting Confederate (or otherwise racially divisive) monuments and memorials on civic grounds. And let the future generations of Appling County know you support them in their climb towards racial equality.


Will Jordan is a native of Appling County. He currently works for the Museum of New Zealand, a bi-cultural government entity pioneering programs for racial equality.


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    Cody Davis, New Zealand

    7 years ago Comments: Racial Equality. Unity in Diversity
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    marnie slater, New Zealand

    7 years ago
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    Rachel O'Neill, New Zealand

    7 years ago Comments: Civic grounds administrators and the community that these grounds represent must strive to ensure that monuments and memorials reflect the interests of the entire community, not just the history or agenda's of one group or individual. This is a civic responsibility that all members of a community must be sensitive too. A memorial must not only reflect the past but how the current community see their future differentiated from the actions that shaped their historical past. It is important to show respect for the dead and the complex conditions that led to their deaths. To truly achieve this requires that a community acknowledge the realities, hopes and movements forward that differentiate them from their forebears, whose actions were shaped to an extent by a limited historical perspective, the very perspective that new generations have the advantage to learn from. Remembering the past requires a great depth of imagination about how human rights can be improved and maintained today and in the future. A memorial should reflect these very ambitions, not retract from them simply to consolidate and exaggerate a fear of change, which is often how the past is represented in memorials and more broadly. I would like to see all communities think laterally about memorials in this light and put forward alternatives to ensure that their voices are heard. It
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