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We must end the EMO trend ASAP. If we don\'t, we will be surely over-run by the emos. We must throw them into the sea, and if needed, with extreme force. PAET and IFHE want this done NOW!






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    Emo Hater I hate emos, United States

    7 years ago Country: US
    Comments: Fucking hate those stupid sons of bitches i hope they all fucking died the stupid attention whore pieces of shit
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    andrea guarino, Italy

    7 years ago Country: IT
    Comments: dammit I really hate those emo faggots! You know what In Italy "emo" is the shortage of "scemo" (moron)
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    chris moore, Australia

    7 years ago Country: AU
    Comments: If war came to your country, what would these non-men do cry an whine about how scared and hurt they feel men can be emotional and sensitive, but sometimes you have to step up and be tough. deal with it pathetic attention seeking leeches, ah but i suppose they all grow up eventually, it just takes longer than the rest of us. ever seen an old emo good news everyone, they grow out of it. but still they are a parasite to our youth, poisining the minds of potentially happy kids. pathetic, round them up and lock them in a giant field in africa to make their own society and not leech off ours. -love chris
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