Eliminate Anon Hate

I love the anonymous feature. It enables me to seek advice from others without embarrassing myself, and helps me to connect with other people with similar interests. However, not everyone uses the anon feature in the same way I do. They use it to send hurtful messages such as, “You should kill yourself,” “Wow your art sucks I hope you never draw again,” “I hate you,” and other hurtful words. When someone sends these kinds of messages they may feel they are being funny, but really it is just like driving a knife deep into someone’s heart. Now I know asking people to stop sending messages like this is impossible, if it could be done it would have been by now. What I’m suggesting is something completely different. This, is an anonymous message screening system. Most tumblr users have other friends on tumblr, or at least someone who they’ve talked with before. What I am suggesting is Yahoo inputs a new, optional, program into tumblr. This would be accessible from a user’s blog settings. The concept is simple, the blogger inputs a url (hopefully their friend’s) of their choice into the program in settings. This will temporarily redirect all anonymous asks into the ask box of the url they selected. From there the friend can either delete or approve the anons. Deleting the anon will block that user from sending the user any more asks. Approving will send the ask back to the original blogger. I believe this program will help to cut down on anon hate. Bloggers can still enjoy the anon feature on their ask box without fearing what harmful words could be waiting for them in their inboxes. It’s on you Yahoo.



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