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Dear fans, I have gotten an idea from a fellow Elfen Lied fan that we should gather our comments and convince the producers that making a season 2 of Elfen Lied would be profitable for them. I know you are proboly thinking "Great, another desperate Fan tard hopeing to get more Elfen Lied" but I assure you I am fully prepared to keep this legal, organized, and professional. "WE NEED YOU!" to sign this petition for season 2, "YOU" are going to be the people who get this going, we NEED your help! Sign this petition for all the Elfen Lied fans out there! It "IS" possible to continue the anime, even I have already thought of an easy way to start the series up again, it\'s just getting the producers to see this way and many other ways! Please sign this, because "YOU" can make a difference! Some background on Elfen Lied: Elfen Lied is a successful TV anime series based on a manga. It first aired in Japan on July 25, 2004 and has since been \"completed\" with 13 episodes plus an OVA. It has been released in English all around North America. Released in America by ADV Films in 2005, ADV Films said that Elfen Lied was their best selling and \"most notorious\" release of 2005.


http://z6.invisionfree.com/Elfen_Lied_Lovers/index.php My good friend has a forum that is dedicated to Elfen Lied, where any fans can sign up(free) and post about the anime and get links to AMV\'s and the Petition! There is a forum under chatting where fans can post their introduction of themselves and discuss the petition etc.




  • Brandon Pownall this series is honestly my favourite anime series, ive watched tons and tons of different anime, including Naruto, One piece, Soul eater, Attack on Titan and even Fairy Tale. but the one that stands out most of all out of all of these anime,s was elfen lied. its the only anime to this date that made me shed a tear and kept me hooked for this long, PLEASE! PLEASE! MAKE A SEQUEL!

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    9 hours ago Comments: Se loko, ss deve ter uma 2*:emporada, vcs tem o meu voto, melhor anime que eu já vi.
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    13 hours ago Comments: Show !!! deve ter uma continuaçãO para esse excelente anime !!! um dos melhores q ja assisti !!!
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    Peter Jones

    16 hours ago Comments: -
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