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Dear Citizens,

Sunshine City needs electricity, but none of the current solutions proposed by City Council are environmentally friendly enough to support.  Energy Generating Trains proposes a sustainable energy source that will be good for tourism, jobs and the environment - an Eco-train!  Please support our efforts to give Sunshine City the electricity it needs without damaging our precious environment.

We the undersigned do hereby call upon the mayor of Sunshine City to approve the development of the EGT system in order to meet the city's growing demand for electricity.



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    Thomas Sosa, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Hello Mayor, The Council and members of sunshine city. I believe that The EGT (Energy GEnerating Trains) Is one of the best options we have. My reasons are that this outstanding train will provide us the energy we need to keep this city going, It will not pollute because of how much people will be on the train at once. Not using cars. I also believe that we should use this train because of all the electricity being generated by other companies, and this, will make it so much easier. That is all I have to say about this amazing new idea. Well, actually, one more thing. The Eco Generating train will not only help other companies, it will help Sunshine City, as well.
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    Nicole, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: Dear Mayor of Sun Shine City, my name is Nicole and i am city council of Sun Shine city. i believe that EGT (eco trains) are really good for our city. It dose no harm what so ever to our city. It will not scare any animals because, instead of letting all the air out when it passes by it sucks it in and converts it into energy. The EGT will make no harm to the fish because they will build a tunnel under the river. The train also uses solar energy to create more energy for sun shine city. this train will go all around sun shine city and cabbage town. the train will produce around 78 000 volts per year. i believe this is the best option and we should chose this.
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    Nicole, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: As the city council i believe that this eco train sould wind because it creates a lot of energy and thats what sunshine city needs. It is alos eco friendy and does no harm what so ever to anything in sunshine city.
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