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February 10, 2008 To those who still remember this site, Hey, guys. Long time no see, right Well, let\'s get down to business... Since the website\'s debut, I\'ve been looking to Doggie for big decisions like this, but right now there really isn\'t someone to turn to. So now I\'m taking this into my own hands. EGraphics hasn\'t been going as planned. After someone hacked the site back in \'05 (or was it \'06), much hasn\'t been going on. I\'ve been spending the last two years in college (and I\'ll be graduating in December) and Doggie... I think he had some college too, but I really don\'t care anymore. The people who made the site happen in the first place (meaning Doggie and I) are no longer friends. Things have happened, one of them involving an unholy game called World of Warcraft. We stopped communicating and the few rare times we did exchange words, it was usually about the future of this website. After a couple broken promises, last year he moved to someplace far, far away and I\'m sure I\'ll never see him again. After Neopets redesigned their entire website and sold their soul to the dollar, I haven\'t had much interest in the place. Still, I am still very much interested in EGraphics. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who is at the moment. There is no team to work with and I can\'t maintain the site by myself. Doggie\'s still paying for the image hosting, which is why your precious eggs haven\'t disappeared. But that\'s about it. Anyway, this e-letter has been too TL;DR, so here\'s the important bit. On iPetitions there is a petition. If you really would like EGraphics to continue on living, you may sign it. You\'ve got until the first of May 2008 to sign, and if there\'s enough interest by then, I\'ll bring back the website. There is a good chance that it will no longer be Neopets-influenced, but it will still be a graphics and code site. Have a good day, Neekko




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