Petition against Eflow and their penalty fines

The aim of this petition is to bring about change concerning Eflow's penalty fines and their policies. Should you go through their toll free barrier with an unregistered car, you are obliged to pay a 3 euro toll before 8pm the following day. After 8pm the next day, the amount doubles to 6 euro. Within 14 days, this fine increases by an additional 39.50 euro. Within 56 days the fine increases by an additional 98 euro. Should you miss the payment, you will then receive a letter from their solicitors Pierse and Fitzgibbon demanding a payment of 152 euro, or be threatened with a court summons and future damage to your credit rating. This may happen if you were unaware you went through a barrier free toll, if you made a payment and the payment was lost in the system or not accepted, or if you believed you made a payment and simply made a mistake. In some cases you may not receive an unpaid toll notice and, should you question this, you will be informed that Eflow are not obliged to send you notification that you owe for a toll. This petition states the belief that the Eflow toll free barrier system simply does not work, that Eflow have a responsibility to ensure their customers receive notification of any unpaid tolls in an appropriate time frame, and that for a toll charge to go from 3 euro to 152 euro for one journey is completely unacceptable.



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    robert campbell, Ireland

    2 years ago Comments: think it may even be unconstitutional, in terms of natural justice being upheld as an unenumerated right, that the penalty should be proportionate to the wrong, also contractual rights seem to have been obliterated, might have a case with the ombudsman as the nra who benefit from the fines is a state body,
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    Kieran Ball, Ireland

    3 years ago Comments: eflow is nothing short of legalised extortion. They should be put out of business and into jail.
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    gerry smith, Ireland

    3 years ago Comments: We should all park there and just walk through to meet the wife at the other side!!!!
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