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we need the ECW fansbase to stand up. WWE has brought back ECW on sci fi and ever since its been back we have seen a zombie, sabu tap-out and censored crowds. Vince McMahon has removed Heyman from the Booking team and has taken full control of ECW. Vince says that the old ECW fans base is dead, in that case who bought the PPV and the DVDs... we need to prove him wrong by Signing this petition, We Petitioned to get ECW on TV and PPV... unviolent chants. Controlled fans, security guards and mats make ECW no longer a rebel promotion. This petition is to show WWE that he cannot make the Hardcore Fans of ECW quite and controlled and are chants will be violent!. What we want is Vince to Leave ECW alone and Leave Heyman in Full Control... we want to tell Vince that the new ECW SUCKS!!! and the old ECW is something that The Mcmahon\'s with all there money are uncapable to recreate without heyman\'s genius behind it!! ECW! ECW! ECW!


well wrestling fans really. anyone who wants WWE to hear there voice please sign this petition!!!



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    Daniel James, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I would like ECW to go back to their old days.
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    Tom Fairclough ecw, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: ecw fan forever thank you paul
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    WWECW Sucks, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Vince is an egomaniacal idiot sometimes. McMahon is such a savvy businessman...except when it comes to something that he perceives as competition. He has the market cornered with his family friendly Raw and SmackDown. Why not give ECW to Paul Heyman and let him run it with some of the REAL ECW wrestlers battling and passing the torch to the new talent??? BECAUSE EVERYONE WOULD SEE HOW EXCITING THE ECW SHOWS WOULD APPEAR AND FANS WOULD SEE THOSE SHOWS AS BEING BETTER THAN RAW OR SMACKDOWN VINCE, GET A CLUE, IF YOU ALREADY OWN ECW, THEN WHY SHOULD IT MATTER, YOU'RE STILL MAKING MONEY?
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