Ebay DSR Manipulation/Fraud

Are you an ebay powerseller who depends on DSR ratings for fee discounts Have you noticed that your ratings seem to fall near the end of the month when discounts are calculated Have you been told that the system is experiencing one of its many "glitches" From the start, I have suspected this system as being fraudulent. All actual DSR ratings are kept from sellers so it is impossible to tell if we are being told the truth. If sellers were actually able to evaluate these ratings, it is possible that they could be helpful in evaluating customer service. Ebay claims that DSR ratings are not disclosed to sellers because the buyer may fear recourse. Since the buyer has their purchase in hand at the point of leaving feedback and sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers, there is nothing to fear. Due to this and the many admitted "glitches" in the system, ebay's intentions are in question. Are these ratings being manipulated to benefit ebay's bottom line I have spent a lot of time reading online blogs and watching Youtube videos of powersellers claiming specific instances of suspected fraud with this system. One woman claimed that she gave up her powerseller status, only to watch her DSR ratings take a jump in the positive direction. Another claims that "Ebay's average ratings" for individual comparison in each category which used to be found on the powerseller's dashboard, varied from powerseller to powerseller. Ebay's averages should be the same for everyone. Interestingly, these "Ebay averages" do not seem to be available anymore. (I wonder if they were onto something.) A system that is full of "glitches", at best, should not be used as a basis for fee structure. I am trying to compile a list of signatures from powersellers who suspect ebay of manipulating their DSR ratings. This petition is NOT going to ebay. I see many people trying to petition to get them to stop doing one thing or another. Ebay does not care what powersellers think or say. We need a third party with the power to investigate. If we can compile enough signatures to show that enough people suspect ebay of fraudulent business practices, THIS petition is going to the US Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


  • Anonymous My dsr for shipping gets bumped down to 4.8 from 4.9 even when there is no change in the number of ratings left. One day it's 4.9, the next 4.8, with no other change at all.

  • Serena Pacis They are shorting the number of items sold over the judging period for TRS. I estimate that 14-16 items are not listed in the trend data, but are listed in my sales reports. This lowers my DSR average, and lost me TRS.

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