No Earned Access in Division II Football Playoffs

In the interest of fair play and doing what is right, we as Division II Football fans urge the NCAA to do away with the systematic playoff selection failure known as Earned Access which does not afford the best football teams in Division II an opportunity to play for the Division II National Football Championship. The Earned Access rule is an oxymoron since the majority of the teams which benefit from this rule have not earned their selection to the playoff field, yet are given access at the expense of a more deserving team. This rule on more than one occasion has caused teams, which are legitimate national contenders to miss the National Division II Football Playoffs - this is unfair to the Coaches, Players, Fans and Alumni of these schools which are left out of the playoffs for political correctness sake. We as Division II Football fans demand a more fair system in which the best teams are chosen on a fair basis, in which a one or two loss team with a higher strength of schedule and plays in a stronger conference can not bypassed for a two or three loss team for the sake of inclusion. For Example: Carson-Newman College finished the 2007 season 10-1 Co-Champions of the South Atlantic Conference, losing by 6 points in the final minute of the game to another 10-1 team Catawba College, which made the playoff field in the Southeast Region. Carson-Newman led Division II in several statistical categories including scoring - and was ranked 5th in the Southeast region, yet due to Earned Access was passed over by a 2 loss team that did not win their conference and a 3 loss team. We demand that the NCAA Division II Rules Committee fix this travesty before more deserving Playoff Teams are bypassed in the future this is going to happen every year until something is done to fix it and that time is now.


Chris Judd Carson-Newman Class Of 1997


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    CNC1991, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I would like to meet the 8 man D2 football committee that voted to put (8-3) Shaw and (9-2) Albany State in the playoffs over (10-1) Carson-Newman. I would like to let them know that their services are no longer needed. I have nothing against Shaw or Albany State, but I defy anyone from teither school to come up with a scenario where their schools are more deserving to have been in the 07' D2 playoffs than Carson Newman. To help folks understand just how unfair and ridiculous this whole thing is, Carson Newman only trailed in for 26 seconds all year. It just happened to be against Catawba at the end of their 49-55 loss to the Indians. 26 seconds from a perfect regular season. The only way Carson Newman would have been deserving of a playoff berth in 07' is if they were undefeated. Shaw was allowed 3 losses and Albany State 2 losses. W O W CNC avg. over 48 points a game in every SAC game in 07'. They were not only one of the best 6 teams in the southeast, but in the nation. They beat UTC 29-17 who played the now famous App State team that beat Michigan this year. Yes I would like to meet the 8 men who voted to send 2 inferior teams to the playoffs instead of Carson Newman. Earned Access It sounds more like affirmative action or the idea of quotas. Folks this isn't REC league football where we want all the kids to feel all warm and fuzzy despite the quality of their play on the field. The cream can't rise to the top if it's removed prematurely from it's container.
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    clarke, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Earned access is a terrible thing to determine playoff teams for the D2 tournament. how does a 10-1 not earned its access to the tournament.. a disgrace
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    Mark Blevins, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This system is a piece of crap.. Im speaking of West Texas A&M not getting a bye after going 11-0 also Washburn losing 3 games and getting in ahead of teams with 1 or 2 loses.. This system is BS!! YOu people need to take a very hard look at it!
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