stop the greed of EA on the gaming community

Videogame company EA knows how to make profit on Xbox360 players by charging them for additional maps, etc with the help of Microsoft\'s Marketplace. Content which is normally free of charge for the PC gaming community. However with their latest invention it\'s clear that EA doesn\'t care about gamers, only about money!!! The release of their title: Lord of the Rings - The Battle of Middle Earth II isn\'t even complete. But already is known that players have to pay 700 points (approx. 6 dollar/euro) to get 3 additional maps for the game. WHY doesnt EA place those maps in the game in the first place, since the game isnt even released yet WHY charge gamers for maps that increase the play-value of their games It\'s time to make a signal to company\'s like EA to show them we are not going to keep paying for content like this. If they ever come up with a big add-on which you will have to pay for, that\'s acceptable. But don\'t let gamers pay for each friggin\' map, car, gun, house, etc.



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    Kris Reid, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: I just rented BF3 and because the person before me used the online code i only have the terrible campaign mode which is a massive let down, even if they release a demo you cant play it unless you make an online account with them. For as long as i buy games i will never ever touch anything with an EA logo on it.
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    Bram, Netherlands

    9 years ago Comments: It's stupid, they only want to be rich!
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    Wouter Berkelder, Netherlands

    9 years ago Comments: When it's in the game, it's in the game... Is that the reason why you only want to make profit out of gamers. Because money is so important in the world of soccer for example.
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